Some Crucial Decisions you Need to Make when Climbing Mount Kenya 


Are you looking forward to having the most interesting adventure of climbing Mount Kenya?   For all the tourist who has been to the mountain or never, there is that one crucial choice that needs to be settled. If you come up with a wrong conclusion, then you need to be prepared for a bad experience of your life time. If you have never visited Africa and this is your first time, then there is more you are going to learn out of the countries in this continent.   Are you wondering who is going to be your partner in the climbing?  Are you and your companion fit enough? Then if you fail in any of that, then you do not qualify for the tour.

If you are visiting the mountain for the first time, then you do not expect to meet one company.   The firms that handle the mountain are uncountable.  For that reason, coming up with a dependable operator becomes a hard activity to take part in.  That is why it is crucial to ascertain that you do not settle with a professional who has been in this field for less than the required years. However, there is nothing you need to worry about because the Mount Kenya Climbing staffs are all competent, trained and skilled.

The prices given for to the tourists differ and that is why you need to be sure which one suits you. Having made the right plan for your money during your adventure that is when you can click that ‘click button.’ Many tourists make a mistake of choosing their operators based on their appealing prices they mentioned to then. If you choose to consider the prices as the most important consideration, then you need to know that you are losing track. Note that the length of your climbing is what is going to determine the money the operator will be charging you. Learn more about hiking at

The other consideration is to be well conversant about the best months of the year that you need to make your adventure.  When you decide of climbing the Kilimanjaro plus Mt Kenya, you need to be very careful on the dates you set for your adventure. You do not need to mind about lacking a month that suits your trip because the choices are countless. The best months to make your selection from are; February, June or September.  However, you cannot be certain about the weather and temperatures in Kenya.   Thus, you just need to make confirmations before departing for your trip.  It is a bad idea to visit Kenya when the rains are interfering with your mounting. You also should consider the days that you will be staying in the country. Climb Mount Kenya today!



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